Friday, August 30, 2013

Notes On A Friday Afternoon

So, it's almost September! Can't believe in less than 2 months there will be Christmas stuff starting to pop up in stores.. yes, they do start to put some on the shelves in October, here (and I secretly love it).. I'm actually looking forward to September, I've always loved this month.. it's gonna be my birthday, hopefully my gift will also make an appearance sometime the next few weeks (new macro lens, ordered yesterday, yesssssss! it seems it'll take a while to get in my hands though), there will be wonderful Autumn colors and then October will bring a holiday in Barcelona & Tenerife.. so yeah, I guess, all in all, Autumn's not gonna be that bad! In fact, not bad at all! I have no new photos right now, but since I'm home these days, I get to play a lot with Pickles and record him sometimes, so here's what we're up to..


  1. Bonjour Michaela,
    J'aime beaucoup Septembre c'est également le mois de mon anniversaire et j'aime les belles couleurs qu'il apporte!

    Je t'embrasse et j'ai adoré tes petits vidéos!


  2. Daca vara pleaca se pare ca tu ti-o aduci aproape, super!
    Camera mea, Nikon d40.. nu mai merge asa bine, pe focalizare automata nu mai pot face poze macro. :(

  3. Heehee...Pickles is too adorable:) And although I'm sad summer is ending, the one thing I do look forward to in the fall is Halloween!

  4. I know! Time is flying and I am having the summer blues.

    Have a lovely weekend


  5. So cute! I'm happy that it will be summer soon where I live.