Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Long Time, No Post! Greetings!

Why, hello everybody! 

I'm surprised Blogger didn't kick me out already for not posting for so long! I think I really need to work on my time management skills.. or maybe having a 5 months' old baby explains the lack of time allocated to blogging. I don't know how other people do it, I, personally, don't have time for (almost) anything else but baby-related things. I am, however, on holiday in Romania, since the end of April - soon (Saturday) returning to Finland. Me and Lukas have spent 1 month with grandma & grandpa, in nice weather and good company. I've also managed to complete the paperwork, so Lukas now has dual citizenship. There have been shopping sessions, good food, meeting relatives & friends, some pampering sessions for me & various celebrations .. as always, time flies and tomorrow I'll start packing & getting ready for the return trip - a long one, just me and Lukas, feeling quite nervous about it! I took quite many photos this month, but guess if I had time for processing! Too many other things to focus on and of course all related to baby Lukas! I have, however, been quite active on Instagram, it's always so much easier to snap a photo using the phone, than carry the heavy DSLR around. I know family and friends are waiting for fresh holiday photos, so when I get back home, I'll make sure I take some time to process a couple of them. Meanwhile, if you're curious, you can have a peek on my IG profile here, for recent snapshots.