Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beauty Post Nr. 7 (And The Occasional Bump Update)

And so 26 weeks have gone by already..

Long time, no beauty post, eh? I guess if you read my blog you know I'm not that big of a beauty blogger, which does not mean I do not enjoy reading about (and spending too much on) beauty-related stuff. Quite the contrary! So then, let's get to business, I'll just show you a few of the most recent beauty & skin care items I purchased during my holiday weekend in Zurich, here in Finland, or online. Should you be interested in the online shopping, here's where my clicks go most of the time, just because the shipping is either free or very cheap and I always find discount vouchers on the net:

In no particular order, here's what I've been using lately:

Gliss Hair Repair With Keratin

An old love of mine when it comes to hair care. I do love the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask, but it is so pricey that I can't really buy it so often, and won't, not when there's such a good alternative with "normal" price. Leaves hair nice and smooth, ticks all the boxes for me, so I'm sure I'll stick to it.

Anti Stretch Marks Lotions

From various brands, with various costs.. as long as they do the job! I'm currently using the 3 above, depending on my mood and how much "pamper" time I have, as some of them are lighter in consistency and sink in quickly and some are a bit on the "greasy" side. I love the middle one for daytime, it comes in spray form and it's the lightest, and I use the other 2 at night.

Kiehl's SPF 50

It's not like I had a beach holiday this year to justify this purchase, but I've been reading about it forever, and when I found it in Zurich I couldn't help it and grabbed it. Turned out to be a good thing though, as we had a full month of 30 degrees (&over) proper summer here in Finland and I like to take care of my skin in "extreme" conditions. It absorbs in the skin quickly and it's not greasy. A bit pricey though.

Caudalie Micellar Water

Like, but not love. Wanted to try it after reading lots of reviews and running out of my usual make-up removers. I bought it in small version, something I usually do when I try new products, but it didn't convince me to re-purchase full size. Doesn't do wonders, in fact it doesn't do more than the normal ones like Garnier, Nivea, etc do. It smells nice, but I won't be paying just for a nice scent in the future.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

Again - like, but not love. It does remove the eye make-up, but I've tried others that do the job quicker, so won't be returning to this one after I finish it. Good thing I only bought the travel size, somehow I'm not a fan.

LUSH Tea Tree Toner

Absolutely hate the smell of this. Smells like medicine. If I bought it for anything, it was for the anti-acne properties. How it actually really went was I was in the shop with my friend in Zurich and decided I was not getting out empty-handed. I didn't want to carry too much though, since I only had a cabin bag, so a travel size of this water seemed the perfect choice at the time. I do use it, although I don't have big skin issues at the moment.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Something I've been wanting to try forever, probably because we don't have Laura Mercier here in Finland, so of course, you always want what you can't have. Or at least I do! So when I found it in Zurich, I got it! The lady at the counter matched me to "cream ivory", I let her "paint" some foundation and concealer on my face and decided the foundation is coming home with me. It has a thicker consistency and a medium-full coverage. I haven't decided yet whether it's a like or a love. Must use more. 

Note: Except for the 1st one, all the other photos are retrieved from Google.

Aaaand that concludes this post! Wishing you all a great weekend!


  1. Really helpfull! Thanks <3

  2. Bonjour Mila,
    Tu es vraiment rayonnante avec ta belle bedaine ♥ et je te remercie de nous faire découvrir tous ces beaux produits!

    Je t'embrasse et bon week end


  3. You look beautiful, Mila!
    Thank you for sharing all of these goodies here.

  4. Mila, definitely use that Laura Mercier one another time. You can't really go wrong with her line.:) And I wanna try that Kiehl's one so bad but I'm too cheap....mwahaha!
    BTW, lookin good, my dear. XOXO

  5. A lot of the Lush stuff have a very peculiar smell!

    7% Solution

  6. you look gorgeous :) pregnant women looks like work of art to me :)

  7. Enjoy each stage of the baby bump, you look wonderful!

  8. Cea mai frumoasa burtica! :)
    Si mie imi place crema cu SPF de la Kiehl's. Te pup!

  9. Beautiful photo.

    I totally agree with you about the Lush Tea Tree. The smell is horrible.

  10. Mila, I find that Vichy serum really good. Not sticky at all, and pretty much disappears as soon as you put it on. You can probably get a sample before buying it, which is what I did.