Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bits And Bobs

Looks like I'm not doing very well when it comes to posting on the blog lately - that's because I'm both busy and lazy. Also a bit tired, but holiday is coming soon and hopefully I can charge my batteries (and also my camera's haha). So this is what happened lately in my world:

1. Finnish language classes are going ok, I've just completed the 1st module and passed the test. Yey me! No way I can speak fluently at this point though. There are 4 modules in total, I'll probably complete only 2, as the baby comes late November. At this point it's not fully clear how I'll deal with the remaining 2 modules, but according to my teacher, I'm catching up fast enough that there's a chance I'll manage to take the final test. We'll see.

2. I'm now in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, looking forward to find out whether we'll be having a boy or a girl. I'll have my next scan in July, by then I hope the screen will be clear enough that we'll know if we need to start buying blue stuff or pink! "He" or "she", that's not so important, as long as everything is ok and in good health.

3. Holiday starts June, 27th, I can already smell it! I'll be meeting a few friends for a weekend in Switzerland, then I'll have the ultra sound, and then me & hubby are off to Lapland. Since we're in the area, we'll be crossing the border to the northern part of Norway as well. We're not gonna take Pickles with us this time, he will enjoy a week with my in-laws'. Speaking of..

4. Pickles becomes the most humble creature when it's cold and raining outside and he still has to go out.. which is why as soon as he gets his paws on some fluffy duvet, he makes sure he enjoys to the fullest.