Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy National Day, Romania!

Said myself, 2 days after the actual event.. but you can see below, I've been busy enjoying a very nice concert here in Helsinki, as a celebration of Romania's National Day (December, 1st). It's not very often that so many fellow Romanians get together in Finland, but this was a too good occasion to miss, I'm happy I joined, loved the concert (folk music) and Mihai Nenita did wonders with his violin! As in OMG! moments! Unfortunately I was too busy listening and taking photos, so I have no recordings. Instantly became a fan of this guy and his magic (I didn't find anything really relevant in Youtube, so you can see what a show he put on the stage)!

As a side note, I was also impressed with how the camera performed, the lighting was so bad, I didn't want to take my flash, so I increased the ISO to 5000 & 6400 and yet the noise is not that bad in the photos. Go Nikon D800E!


  1. Great job!! Congrats!!
    Salut from Barcelona

  2. I need this camera, Mila. Mind you, even with a cheap one, you'd do a great job, my friend.
    I love that last pic:D Anyhoo, belated Happy National Day!

  3. Very goodpictures with nice light and colors.

    Greetings, Joop

  4. Congratulations! It's an importantday for all of you!




  5. Good camera - and good person behind the camera! :-)

  6. I found something on youtube, interesting music and it is always good to hear something new. Thank u!

  7. La multi ani romanco :) Imi place Narcisa Suciu :)

  8. Ce fût vraiment une belle fête nationale, merci pour ces magnifiques de ce beau spectacle!



  9. Great photos in a challenging setting. My husband has the same camera. I've used it few times and it's amazing what it does in low light. Look at my fireworks pictures here: http://teatots.blogspot.com/2013/11/kukkasia-taivaalla-flowers-in-sky.html?showComment=1387656968126

    These were all shot without a tripod aiming upwards. You can imagine my hands and arms were shaking a bit after the 15min long fireworks ended. :) it's not a light camera by any means.