Monday, December 30, 2013


Could be I won't be having much time for posting tomorrow, so I wish you all a fabulous New Year 2014!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Where's The Snow?

Looks like we're gonna have a white Christmas.. NOT! The little snow we had (I'm talking 1 mm layer) is long gone, and temperatures went up to 5/7 degrees.. crazy, for Finnish weather! But we just bought our tree, it'll be up this evening, a Christmas concert is happening this weekend, then gifts soon.. happy days!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy National Day, Romania!

Said myself, 2 days after the actual event.. but you can see below, I've been busy enjoying a very nice concert here in Helsinki, as a celebration of Romania's National Day (December, 1st). It's not very often that so many fellow Romanians get together in Finland, but this was a too good occasion to miss, I'm happy I joined, loved the concert (folk music) and Mihai Nenita did wonders with his violin! As in OMG! moments! Unfortunately I was too busy listening and taking photos, so I have no recordings. Instantly became a fan of this guy and his magic (I didn't find anything really relevant in Youtube, so you can see what a show he put on the stage)!

As a side note, I was also impressed with how the camera performed, the lighting was so bad, I didn't want to take my flash, so I increased the ISO to 5000 & 6400 and yet the noise is not that bad in the photos. Go Nikon D800E!