Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holiday Time!

Early tomorrow morning I'll start my mini holiday and off to Sweden I'll go. I won't be having too much time for the online world, so there won't be too much activity on the blog - I'm not bringing my laptop, so I'll rely only on my phone for a quick email/blog check-up. But if I can borrow Ana's laptop for photo processing purposes, or simply downloading, I'll be more than happy to update the blog. I'll be back on Monday, til then, all the best and be well! Cheers!

PS. Since I'll obviously have my phone around, I might have a blog update where I could post some snapshots taken with it. That would be a first, since I don't have Instagram or Twitter either and I never post pics taken with my phone (I hardly use my phone for that purpose anyway). Not a bad idea, I think. I'll see what I can do.


  1. Enjoy your trip dear! I love Sweden beautiful country



  2. Enjoy your time! In vacanta eu nu vreau sa aud nici de telefon. :D

  3. Un petit coucou chez toi ! :)
    Je suis revenue sur la blogosphère et c'est avec plaisir que je viens admirer ton dernier post.

    GROS BISOUS et bonnes vacances !!!!

  4. Bonjour Michaela,
    Je te souhaite de très belle vacance ♥

    Je t'embrasse


  5. Hope you're having a blast in Sweden, Mila:) Where are the phone pics? Heehee....

  6. Distractie:)
    asteptam poze:)
    te pup