Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holiday Time!

Early tomorrow morning I'll start my mini holiday and off to Sweden I'll go. I won't be having too much time for the online world, so there won't be too much activity on the blog - I'm not bringing my laptop, so I'll rely only on my phone for a quick email/blog check-up. But if I can borrow Ana's laptop for photo processing purposes, or simply downloading, I'll be more than happy to update the blog. I'll be back on Monday, til then, all the best and be well! Cheers!

PS. Since I'll obviously have my phone around, I might have a blog update where I could post some snapshots taken with it. That would be a first, since I don't have Instagram or Twitter either and I never post pics taken with my phone (I hardly use my phone for that purpose anyway). Not a bad idea, I think. I'll see what I can do.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Still Alive! (And Still On Holiday)

Hello, friends! Just a quick note to say HI and wish you a great weekend ahead! I'm still on holiday in Romania, it's been a great week, but now it's almost time to start packing for my return to Finland on Monday - and my return on the blog, I have a good bunch of photos waiting to be shown to the world! Be well, see you soon!

Monday, July 8, 2013

On Holiday

Ladies and gents, I've made it to Romania, after the bumpiest landing I've ever experienced.. I really thought we weren't going to stop on that runway.. thank God, everything turned out ok and I'm now at home enjoying time off with my family. I won't be posting too much this week, not because I don't have time, or want a break from internet, but because I don't have all my photo processing programs on my parents' computer and the lighting and colours on it are so different than on my computer that I'll be waiting until I get back home, to make the photos look as nice as they can. Meanwhile, meet Rex, my neighbour's doggie, he's SO cute and friendly! Yes, the same Rex!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trip To Sweden

Aren't unplanned things the best? Like my trip to Sweden, booked today! One of my former colleagues now lives and works in Sweden, she is one of the friends I met in Italy in April, when we had that super nice girls meet-up, so it's been ages since I said I'd go "around the corner" and pay her a visit. I figured since I now live in Finland it's so much easier to go to Sweden, and on top of that now I'm on holiday, I have plenty of time, since me & hubby didn't make any other plans for this month. So, one week after I come back from Romania, I'll be heading to Stockholm to see Ana. I have been to Sweden twice before, but in transit, so that really doesn't count, since I didn't get to see and do pretty much anything. I was digging in my archives for some photos, but came out empty handed.. in case you want to see how some Swedish buildings look  like from the harbor.. well, see below.. there's definitely room for more and nicer photos, to give Stockholm justice!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yes, I'm on Bloglovin' too.. Pinterest's probably next.. but not yet.. soooo, if you wish to follow me, you have the option to do it here!

Have a good day!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


..of poisonous wild mushrooms!
PS. Is Google Friend Connect (GFC), as in "Join this site" gonna go away? Or what was that about something closing as of July 1st? Do I need to start asking you to follow me elsewhere?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beauty Post Nr. 4

Right.. so I'm on holiday, which means more time for blogging, more time for photos, more time for being lazy, more time for my home-spa rituals, more time for White Collar.. basically, more time for anything and everything.. like tags, for instance.. beauty tags even! Care to see "How much is your face worth"? Then read on!

So, most of the mornings, I start by washing my face with some cleanser, I'm currently using the ones below.
Hydrocare = around 23 EUR
Neutrogena = around 5 EUR

I find toners to be somewhat useless, so I don't include them in my everyday routine, I do have one though, around 5 EUR.

Moisturizing comes next, and I'm using the following:
Erisan = around 3 EUR
Nivea Control Shine = around 5 EUR
Make Up Store = around 40 EUR

And, recently I've been into eye creams:
Balea = around 1-2 EUR
Estee Lauder = around 40 EUR (mine I got for free, from lovely Stylish Dreams.. thanks!)

Make-up time!
I don't know how I managed to pile up around 6 or 7 foundations, BB and CC creams, way too many! 3 of them are in the photo below, I will also give some away to my friends in Romania (just so I make room for new ones, lol).. they're all around 15 EUR each.

Add to these around 5 EUR Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, around 30 EUR for make-up (Wet 'n Wild, L'Oreal and a couple of other random bits), around 25 EUR for the best primer ever (Too Faced), around 50 EUR for lipsticks, lip pencils, eye pencils and some more face cleaning & make-up bits (and money) I won't mention piece by piece..

..aaand we come to a total of around 500-600 EUR, invested in these past 6 months. I never actually thought of how much I'm spending on beauty products.. now I know! And in 1 week I'm going to Romania, where prices are much lower than in Finland, which means, yes, I'll be stocking up on some more items!

PS. The photos are a case of copy-paste from various websites, not my own.