Friday, May 31, 2013

"If I Were A.." TAG

A while ago, Mihaela nominated me for the this tag (thanks!), so I now decided it's high time I followed up on it! Without further ado, this is what I'd (now) like to be if I were a..

1. Month - May or September
2. Day of the week - Saturday
3. Part of the day - Early evening
4. Animal of the sea - Sea Star
5. Animal of the land - Dog.. woof!
6. Virtue - Kindness
7. Planet - Mercury, just because, apparently, in Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of commerce, travel and thievery, and I like to travel, so.. (what's that all about, the thievery part?!)
8. Liquid - Bubble Bath
9. Stone - Based on my zodiac sign, amethyst, fluorite, smithsonite, jasper, carnelian (yes, I googled this!)
10. Metal - Silver
11. Bird - This!
12. Plant - Lily of the Valley
13. Weather condition - Sunny, the spring kind of sunny
14. Instrument - Piano
15. Feeling - Passion
16. Sound - That of rain
17. Song - Something "Chill Lounge"
18. Movie - K-Pax
19. TV-Show - CSI New York
20. City - Madrid
21. Taste - That of milk chocolate
22. Aroma - That of freshly baked bread
23. Colour - Burgundy
24. Fabric - Cotton (with stripes)
25. Drug - Uhmmm...
26. Accessory - A watch, something like this
27. Face expression - A stare :))
28. (school) subject - Geography
29. Cartoon character - Undoubtely Mihaela
30. Shape - Star
31. Number - 2
32. Car - Mini Cooper
33. Clothing item - Overalls /dungarees
34. Season - Spring
35. Tree - A Christmas Tree :D
36. Animal of the forest - Bambi :D

Passing this on to everyone who wants to share a little something about her/himself! 

And since I got the chance to work from home a couple of days ago, and lacking other recent photos, I'll leave you to hopefully admire my pretty summer office @home! Cutest assistant close by to help if needed!


  1. this tag you did, Mila:D I'd be a Mini Cooper too if I were a car. And your office is pretty awesome:) I like the assistant too. Heehee....

  2. am gasit ceva asemanari !!!

  3. A photo with exquisite colors, beautiful flowers, gentle delicateness of the shadows!

  4. Mila, your summer office is pure perfection, and so is your sweet little assistant! What a little angel!

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Love your summer office, so pretty! :)

  6. Hi Michaela, your summer home office look so comfortable and beautiful.

    Have a fun weekend.

  7. Ma bucur ca ai reusit sa-l faci, sunt multe asemanari.