Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm baaaack.. and what a wonderful week we had! I'm thrilled we came back to spring in Finland, snow is gone and I can even see flowers here and there, finally! Have a nice week ahead everyone!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beauty Post Nr. 2

Continuing Beauty Post #1 with..


My little obsession, that is.. 
So, my hair is naturally wavy and currently in between lengths. Medium length you could say. And sort of messy. My hubby once called it "mop hair" and I fully agreed.
I think my hair is now normal and healthy, which might not have been the case in the past. I have a huge history of hair colors - during my student years I tried lots of shades, I was blonde (horrible), brunette (too dark for my skin tone), I tried light and dark browns, various red shades, highlights.. you name it. Then I calmed down and just let it be natural, until I moved to Finland and once again decided I wanted to be blonde (you know, to blend in). Couple of hours of bleaching and hair coloring later (at the salon), there I was, Goldilocks. Did I like the result (hay-like, brassy yellow hair)? NO. God NO! It looked horrid, hence I bought a darker blonde tone and dyed my hair again (at home). That only opened the way to more colors, so these past 2 years I've again been trying.. well pretty much all the shades mentioned above.. until my hair got into quite a bad shape, so I decided to chop it all off. I opted for a pixie and loved it, and currently I have what you would call a "mid length wavy bob", which can be converted to a curly one when I use my Remington CIF75 19mm Tong, or straight when I use my mini Babyliss flat iron. I'm only touching up the roots now, every 2-3 months, sometime using ammonia-free products, and I've started using hair care products on a regular basis.

I managed to pile up quite an amount of hair products, I won't list all of them, but a peek into my cabinet would reveal, among others, the following:
Syoss Heat Protecting Styling Spray - thumbs down (makes hair sticky, kind of)
Taft Instant Volume Powder - thumbs down (in fact, the most horrible product I've ever used, makes hair and hands sticky, looking greasy and dirty)
Nizoral shampoo, if dandruff kicks in - thumbs up
Batiste and Four Reasons Hair Powder dry shampoo - thumbs up
Cutrin Matt Wax - thumbs up
So I've got plenty, but only use small amounts, as I hate product build up (I wash my hair 3 times a week, so there shouldn't be too much build up anyway).
I got a Tangle Teezer (ca. 14 EUR), but still brush my hair using a wide tooth comb worth of 1 EUR, and I often resort to DIY hair masks (usually egg, honey and olive or castor oil).

I trim the ends monthly/every 2 months at home (hubby does a great job!), but for "fancy" stuff I go to a salon. Based on my experience at hair salons (both cheap and expensive places), if you want just 1 cm chopped off, they'll always cut 2, and if you want ash blonde, you'll get yellow. Hence, although I love pampering, I am also a bit hesitant when going.

Et voila, cuts and colors from the past!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beauty Post Nr. 1

Beauty blogger that I am (and lacking new photo material - but wait til I get back from Austria) I thought I'd put down a different series of posts for the next days, namely my beauty favorites. It's either this, or leaving the blog unhandled for more than a week. Today's post is dedicated to:


When it comes to hand lotions and moisturizers, I don't really have any favorites, as they all seem to work the same. I've had pricey ones, such as Kiehl's Salve (ca. 15 EUR), as well as cheap ones, such as Delia Coral (1 EUR). Bottom line is, I don't care what the brand is, as long as the lotion does the job and it's not super greasy. I have one on my office desk at work, one on my office desk at home, one on my bed stand, one on my hubby's bed stand, but none in my bag, which annoys me so, every time I figure out I'm missing it. I do use hand creams quite often, but mostly only after washing my hands, or else I have the feeling I'm just mixing dirt with lotion (weird?!). I don't do hand scrubs, don't generally care about SPF in a hand lotion and always wear gloves for hand protection when I do house work. I buy hand soaps randomly, pretty much always in a liquid form and I'm inclined to turn to the eco/bio/organic products as soon as I finish what I'm currently using.

The nail polish I buy is usually shimmery and in pastel/metallic shades - I find it glides better on the nail and is much easier to apply. I like glitter and sparkle as well (and I don't mind wearing it at the office, too), while matte for me equals messy fingers. Latest acquisitions are Flormar duo chrome DC01 and DC05 (ca. 3 EUR each). I also wanted to own a nice red nail varnish, and the winner was Wet n Wild "I red a good book" (ca. 4 EUR). To make sure I follow the "crackle" trend, I recently bought the brightest orange crackle nail polish just to try out, for the amazing price of 0,90 EUR. I only bought it because of the price really, I saw it online in the "sale" section. The crackle mani looks nice, but I'm not necessarily a huge fan.
I'm not a nail expert, but I manage to do a decent manicure at home, while for pedi I always go to the salon. I can't do nail art, though I tried the marble technique a couple of times, with decent results, but as these things take time, I prefer to stick to normal, 1-color manicure - and praise whoever invented Seche Vite (ca. 13 EUR) dry fast top coat, it is the bestestest top coat ever! Before this great discovery, I used to use a nail dryer fan that my hubby bought, as it was a real pain for me to dry and keep the nails "in order" after painting, what with Pickles asking for petting and playing and all.
I wear my nails short and never cut my cuticles; I do use a cuticle remover once a week, followed by a quick massage using whatever oil I have around (currently, it's Nuxe).

So there! That's it! No personal photos, as I don't usually take photos of my manicure or other beauty bits in my life. The source of the photos is good ol' Google and/or the brand's official website.
Also, a quick last note, if I made mistakes, please remember I'm not a native English speaker. But feel free to correct me!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hi everyone!

As you can see, the trees in my yard have blossomed this past weekend! It is sunny cloudy raining snowing! Yes, snowing! I cannot believe it, I mean, really?! I am, though, hopeful that this is the last round, as it hasn't actually been snowing the past few weeks and a lot of the "big" snow has melted these days.. but it's SO dam' annoying to look out the window and see everything getting white again.. I guess I'm not gonna let this spoil my springy mood, hence the photos below (from the archive), and besides, I'm leaving for Austria on Saturday, so there's plenty of nice stuff to think about and plan, and probably weather will be a tad nicer over there. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and THANK YOU for stopping by, for comments and following my blog. I have reached 101 followers! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life Lately

Well, life lately has been all about travels (TurkuRome), planning new trips (Salzburg) and all about love, as we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on April 1st. Love related, the last photo was taken in Rome in Piazza di Spagna and those guys were so cool, we tried to take some pics without bothering them in their moment.. there was just something about them..