Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Book Tag

1. On average, how many books do you read in a month? No more than 3, but most probably just 1, or maybe 2, depends a lot on the genre and my free time I guess. I've read 3 books in February, all online (, in pdf format, about 150-200 pages each (detective novels). But there are also months when I don't feel like reading at all.

2. When do you read? (At night, during the day, commuting to work, etc) Usually in the evening, before going to sleep, sometimes while commuting to work, sometimes AT work and almost every time I fly.

3. Do you have a favorite spot to read at home or do you read anywhere and everywhere? I usually read in bed, or in the massage chair - in both cases I get very sleepy. 

4. If you could live in a fictional world, what book world would you choose? A world and an era where I could wear dresses like these.

5. What fictional book characters do you most relate to or would like to be friends with? At this point I'd like to meet a Romanian detective (former math professor, very strict and tough, having the nickname of "The Samurai"), just to give her a head to toe beauty makeover and tell her to get a grip, a husband and a life!

6. If you had to invite three characters over for dinner, who would you invite and why? Miss Marple, Monsieur Poirot and Alex Delaware, so I can hear all about their cases.

7. If you could mandate that everyone read one book, what would it be and why? I wouldn't, because everyone's taste is different, what could be the best book in my opinion, could be the worst for others. My all time favourite (so far) is Philip Roth's "The Dying Animal". I had no idea until now that a movie based on the novel was released in 2008 - Elegy. Guess what I'll be watching tonight!

8. Do you read reviews before you read a book (if you know you are going to read it)? I don't, but I usually ask for my husband's opinion, since we have similar tastes and he reads more than me. If a book has an intriguing plot or end, I read reviews after I finish it, just to see what other people think of it.

9. Do you judge books by their covers? No.

10. EReaders vs Books vs Audiobooks: thoughts? I still prefer normal books, in spite of having 2 Kindles in the house. I use the Kindle mostly when I fly and most of the books we buy nowadays are in Kindle version. I'm not a fan of audiobooks and love the atmosphere in libraries.

11. What is your favorite book from childhood? I was reading a lot when I was a kid, as in A LOT! This comes to mind now: Nikolay Nosov's The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends

12. What genre do you refuse to read? Why? I'm not into SF and "Harry Potter" kind of books. I don't know why, I just don't like the genre.

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  1. •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰
    Hello Chère Michaela ! :o)
    merci d'avoir fait ce tag,
    cela nous permet de mieux connaitre tes goûts pour la lecture et j'en suis ravie !

    Encore merci pour ce partage !
    BISOUS de Thaïlande
    et bonne journée à toi !!!!!
    •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

  2. Je passe aussi te dire bonjour mais je vais revenir là je dois sortir encore
    BOnne journée

  3. asa ne cunoastem mai bine :)

  4. What a fun hop. I love to read and will read almost anything.

  5. Ooooo....I'm gonna add that Philip Roth book in my to-read list! And Mila, you haven't read Harry Potter?!?! Wha?!?...hehe...I kid....

  6. I love to read. I have been trying to read more lately. Sometimes it is hard to find the time too. But I have been reading a couple books a month lately. My favorite book ever is Gone With The Wind.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  7. I love travelling into the worlds and situations of an author's imagination! Love the link to the vintage dresses although I wish they would put a real person in them to give the costume some life.

  8. Lubię czytać książki papierowe, ale nie zawsze mam na to czas. Lubię ksiązki biograficzne, nie lubię kryminałów. Pozdrawiam.
    I like to read books made ​​of paper, but do not always have the time. Biographical books I do not like crime. Yours.

  9. It was so interesting to read your answers to these questions, Mila!

    I don't care for anything science fiction or Harry Potter-like, either.

    I hope you've had a wonderful day!

  10. My hubby says thanks you for the bday greeting, Mila:) XOXO

  11. "At this point I'd like to meet a Romanian detective (former math professor, very strict and tough, having the nickname of "The Samurai"), just to give her a head to toe beauty makeover and tell her to get a grip, a husband and a life!"

    :D Nice idea!

  12. Well, I guess I know what we will be talking about this weekend: books and not only. I need you to recommend me some good ones.