Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh, (last year's) Christmas Tree!

Hello friends!

Is your Christmas tree up already? Ours not just yet, apparently real trees can be bought here only a couple of weeks before Christmas (keeping an eye on the shops!), which is why I leave you with a photo of our last year's tree. I think it was so nice, can't wait to have this year's tree up; we didn't buy any new decorations, as even last year we were afraid the tree would fall because it seemed to have too many, so it will probably look more or less the same, however there will be a difference, it's Pickles' first Christmas (probably equals pee on the tree and branches chewed, but oh well), can't wait for him to unwrap his gifts.. of course he will get some!


  1. Ooooo....that's a stellar tree, Mila:) You shouldn't really change it coz it's perfect! We've never had a real tree, so thinking maybe next year!

  2. Pretty tree, we haven´t bought ours yet but soon..!

  3. It's just beautiful, Mila!
    We put ours up a couple of weeks ago.
    I love putting it up.
    Not so much love taking it down. :-)