Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi all!

Silvina Soave was so nice to pass on this Beautiful Blogger Award to me, that I didn't want to delay my post any longer, so here I am, following the rules, namely share 7 things about myself and then pass the  award on to 15 bloggers. This award was actually meant for Vision By MILA, but since I want to keep that blog strictly for photos, I decided to do the writing here instead.
1. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate, always.
2. Pizza or burger? Both ^^grin^^
3. Summer or winter? I'd go with summer, though I can't wait for Christmas!
4. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Whoof!
5. Breakfast or dinner? Dinner, but I love breakfast in bed during weekends!
6. Seaside or mountains? Both, love the Canarian waves as much as the snow in the Alps (though I don't ski)..
7. TV or internet? Less and less TV, but plenty of surfing these days..

Have a nice weekend everyone and feel free to take over this award, I am not going to nominate anyone, but everyone! I think every blogger who takes from his or her time to post on the blog, verify and leave comments on other blogs, or simply stop by and read is a beautiful blogger!


  1. *whispers* Dogs over cats for me too:)
    Congrats on the award, Mila, and I just wanna say you have a great smile!

  2. Muy bien!! Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana!!

  3. I love dogs too, as evidenced by my many pics of mine, hehe.

  4. You are a beautiful blogger indeed. I discovered the most amazing blogs through your blog and I love that! You take the time to surf the net and to read and comment when we know how important a tiny comment can be for us bloggers. My hat is off, beautiful blogger!