Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fooling Around

Since it's fooling around time, how about some cat bouncing around? MIEOW
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spicing Up The Blog, Monthly Rambling & The Ring

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

How does November treat you? We here in Southern Finland are having a terrible Autumn weather, with rain and clouds and dark days. I'm not the kind of person who is majorly influenced by the weather outside, but I'm only human, so yes, sometimes my mind wanders away to the sandy beach in the Canaries.. the waves.. the cocktails.. but then, it's not so bad right now either, is it.. hot chocolate, a book or a movie, a warm blanket.. plus, the winter holidays are getting closer.. tic tac tic tac..

Speaking of winter holidays, you know how people usually clean the house thoroughly and start sketching New Year's resolutions.. well that's what I plan too, but apart from the house, I'll also do that for this blog. 
I currently have 2 blogs, but unfortunately Vision By MILA is not as active as I initially wanted it to be, for various reasons and excuses (read I am not as active as I thought I'd be).. funny thing, it was supposed to be the other way around, but I seem to love this blog more. Having to manage 2 blogs is also not working for me very well, so I'm now trying to figure out its future. Right now, I believe Vision By MILA will get a fresh start  close (this is very much related to whether I decide to ever go forward with the photography business or drop this idea forever).

However, some ideas came up for this blog, or rather the way I post (and take) photos.. I've got so used to taking photos of landscapes and post "everyday" pics that I feel like making some changes. So I'll have a beauty related week, a color week, a food week, a Christmas week.. whatever category I can come up with, just so there's a bit of variation both for myself and for you, my readers. I'll still keep it a photo blog, but if I feel like some photo is worth it, I might add a few words too (for ex. share a recipe along with the picture).. the writer in me has awaken! Can't promise daily posts, but I'll do my best!

And now, kicking off the beauty/fashion related week with this gorgeous ring I bought from a shop in Romania, during my mini holiday. I don't usually wear rings, apart from my wedding & engagement ones, but I loved this one the moment I saw it on the rack, hence I got it and have been wearing it almost daily lately.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi all!

Silvina Soave was so nice to pass on this Beautiful Blogger Award to me, that I didn't want to delay my post any longer, so here I am, following the rules, namely share 7 things about myself and then pass the  award on to 15 bloggers. This award was actually meant for Vision By MILA, but since I want to keep that blog strictly for photos, I decided to do the writing here instead.
1. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate, always.
2. Pizza or burger? Both ^^grin^^
3. Summer or winter? I'd go with summer, though I can't wait for Christmas!
4. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Whoof!
5. Breakfast or dinner? Dinner, but I love breakfast in bed during weekends!
6. Seaside or mountains? Both, love the Canarian waves as much as the snow in the Alps (though I don't ski)..
7. TV or internet? Less and less TV, but plenty of surfing these days..

Have a nice weekend everyone and feel free to take over this award, I am not going to nominate anyone, but everyone! I think every blogger who takes from his or her time to post on the blog, verify and leave comments on other blogs, or simply stop by and read is a beautiful blogger!