Sunday, June 24, 2012

About awards, myself, and gratitude!

Hi all!

I don't usually have this kind of posts, but since recently I've been given an award (Beautiful Blogger Award from Ela), a "Thank You" note from Mihaela and a tag, I decided it's about time I, in return, said THANK YOU everybody for following my blog, taking time to comment or simply stopping by to take a look at my photos.
(photo source BCSPCA)

(in case you're having a sneak peek at the link above while you are at work, do mute your volume if you don't want to startle your co-workers.. hehe)

So, the answers to the respective questions are as follows:
  •  I created the blog long ago, but made it public relatively recently, I guess I just wanted to "join the club"; plus, given we are working, me and my brother (who currently lives in Spain, me being in Finland), on the idea to open a photography business, a blog seemed a good idea to expose my photos; by the way, he is already "on the go", so for Spanish people in need of photos, you can find him here: Adrian; however, I'm not a social media "fanatic", I only have the blog and the good ol' facebook account. It's nice though, to find old friends and meet new people, and though my blog is photo dedicated, I like taking a peek at fashion, cooking and travel blogs.
  •  A normal day for me looks like this: waking up 5:50, taking the dog out for the morning pee :), logging on my work laptop at 6:00 and doing the urgent work until 7:00 (this is actually my work schedule), getting ready for office and leaving together with my husband for the day's adventures (or rather trying to find the perfect moment to sneak out, so Pickles does not storm out after us), getting to office after 8:00 and working until 1-2-3 o'clock, and then it's either shopping, movies, badminton, meeting friends, reading, cleaning, cooking.. depends on the mood :) Whatever it is, it's scheduled such that Pickles is not left alone for too long and in most activities, my camera is present.
  • I have no collaboration, good or bad, with another blogger and I don't organize competitions (but never say never). I do, though, read a lot of blogs!
  • I'm not used to this "tagging" thing, so I am not going to nominate anyone now, but if you want to post about yourself on your blog or comment on mine, feel free!
  • And, in case you wonder, this is the face behind the blog :)